Peninsula Campaign
                Animated Map

When George B. McClellan began the Peninsula Campaign toward Richmond in March of 1862, the Union hoped – and the Confederacy feared – that a successful attack on the Confederate capital could end the Civil War. While the Peninsula Campaign had some dramatic moments, the end of the war was not one of them. It took McClellan’s army nearly three months to get within miles of Richmond – and Robert E. Lee’s army seven days to drive them back again.

Now you can follow the twists and turns of McClellan’s amphibious movements, Joe Johnston’s Fabian tactics and Lee’s aggressive offensive with our newest Animated Map. The video tells the story of the Peninsula Campaign with digital motion graphics, live-action footage, original photographs and illustrations and, of course, our detailed animated battle maps. From the first-ever engagement of ironclads at Hampton Roads to “Prince John” Magruder’s deception at Yorktown, fromWilliamsburg to Seven Pines to the Seven Days Battles, get ready to learn about technological innovations, brilliant maneuvers, bad luck, and decisions good and bad.

See how the campaign that could have ended the Civil War ended up changing the course of it. Visit our website to watch the Peninsula Animated Map now.