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Colonial Heritage  Travel Club   

Open to ALL Colonial Heritage residents, their family and friends

    John Wilkes Booth 
       Escape Tour

        May 4 & 5, 2018

      Travel Bulletin #1

<-- Mary Surratt


The Tour is Coming Up!

We have space for 10 more people, so tell your friends, neighbors and relatives about the tour and invite them to join us for an educational and fun time with a Surratt Society professional tour guide.  Deadline for signing up is Monday, April 2nd.  

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We leave Colonial Heritage Tennis Court parking lot at 9:15a.  For our King of Glory friends, we will have a pickup at the church at 9:30a on Friday morning.   



We will have a unique restaurant experience on Friday night at P.J.Skidoos in Centerville, VA.  You'll have a choice between Stuffed Chicken Breast, Fresh Broiled Salmon or Prime Rib.  We'll get your dinner selection in a few weeks.


Saturday lunch will be at Capt Billy's, a restaurant right on the Potomac River in Maryland.  Again, we'll get your lunch selection at the same time as your choice for Friday dinner.  Choices are Crab Cake Sandwich (yes, they are in Maryland), Crab Melt, Crab or Shrimp Salad, Chicken, or Hamburger.


This is just some of the highlights of our tour, so entice your friends or neighbors - they don't have to be a Colonial Heritage resident or King of Glory member.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a short getaway with friends and neighbors as we learn about the role of Fred Atzrodt's relatives in the plot.

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