Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote discussion and study of the Civil War and to further stimulate interest in all aspects and phases of the Civil War period.

Meeting Dates

The organization meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month September through May. Meetings are held in the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre located at 515 Scotland St in Williamsburg, VA, unless otherwise posted. The meetings begin at 7 PM. Membership is open to the  general public.

This Month's Speaker

Join us for the next meeting of the Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable at the Williamsburg Public Library Theatre at 7 PM on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

On November 28, 2017, Eric Buckland will present “John S. Mosby – The Perfect Man in the Perfect Place”.

Colonel John Singleton Mosby, Commanding Officer of the 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry (Mosby’s Rangers) - remains a sterling example of the quintessential unconventional warfare warrior and leader. The tactics, techniques and procedures he used during the War Between the States from January 1863 to April 1865 are still studied today by United States Army Special Forces and Rangers and by the United States Marine Corps. Mosby’s personal courage, intelligence, innovativeness, audacity and innate understanding of how to plan, conduct and command irregular operations made him a very painful and persistent thorn in the side of Union forces arrayed against him and a celebrated hero in the South.

However, even strong personal attributes and exceptional ability need to be coupled with good fortune and circumstances in order to achieve the type of sustained success enjoyed by Mosby and his Rangers. “John S. Mosby: The Perfect Man in the Perfect Place” will offer superb insight into how John Mosby was able to utilize and adapt his strengths and abilities to successfully fulfill his mission requirements, confront the enemy threat, use the operational area’s terrain to his benefit, recruit men to his unit and garner the support and loyalty of the local population.

Eric Buckland’s interest in Mosby's Rangers began when he was a young boy and increased during his 22-year military career.  Most of that time - he retired from the Army as a LTC - was spent in Special Forces. Eric had multiple deployments to Panama, Honduras and El Salvador in the 1980’s and believes that military experience provides a unique understanding of Mosby’s Rangers.
Eric’s first book, Mosby's Keydet Rangers, was written as a tribute to both the Mosby Rangers who attended the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and his youngest son, who was then a “Rat” (Freshman) at VMI. On June 6th, 2011, it was his distinct honor and privilege to have been presented the prestigious United Daughters of the Confederacy's Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal for writing Mosby’s Keydet Rangers.

While working on Mosby’s Keydet Rangers, Eric constantly found bits and pieces of information about other Rangers (not affiliated with VMI) and all of those became the genesis for his next books – the Mosby Men series. On October 3, 2013 Eric received a second award of the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal for the first three books in the Mosby Men series. 

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