Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote discussion and study of the Civil War and to further stimulate interest in all aspects and phases of the Civil War period.

Meeting Dates

The organization meets on various Tuesdays each month February through May 2015. Meetings are held in the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre located at 515 Scotland St in Williamsburg, VA, unless otherwise posted. The meetings begin at 7 PM. Membership is open to the  general public.

This Month's Speaker

Patrick Schroeder
"A Visit to Old Appomattox With
County Clerk George Peers"

The March meeting will be held on Monday, March 31, 2015 at 7pm in the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre at 515 Scotland Street.

Patrick Schroeder will present “A Visit to Old Appomattox With County Clerk George Peers”. Patrick will portray the persona of George Peers, a civilian resident of Appomattox Court House, who will provide eyewitness observations of  the military operations and cessation of hostilities in the Appomattox area in April of 1865.

Journey back in time with the former sheriff and county clerk of Appomattox Court House, Virginia, George T. Peers, in a visit to old Appomattox.   Attendees will experience a first-person, living history program taking them to Appomattox Court House in the summer of 1867 with Mr. Peers, who was born and raised in the county.  He perhaps knew more than anyone about the area from his clerking duties, and he became known as the “Ambassador of Appomattox” as he liked to show visitors and curiosity seekers the sites and tell of the events connected with the surrender.
Mr. Peers will tell some of the early history of Appomattox County, about some of its famous citizens, and the war years leading up to that fateful April 9, 1865, when General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at the tiny hamlet of Appomattox Court House.  Peers will give a recount of the arrival of the armies, the battles in and around the village on April 8 and 9, of Wilmer McLean and his house where the surrender took place, the surrender meeting between Lee and Grant, Grant and Lee’s meeting outside of his house on April 10, his visits with General Joshua Chamberlain and the surrender ceremony, and his thoughts about post-surrender Appomattox.  Peers’ narration about the trying days of April 1865 as the towns people were surrounded by nearly 100,000 soldiers, North and South, will take you back to a time when the future of the country was in the hands of two men, and the generosity and respect from Americans to Americans at the end of the nations’ bloodiest conflict will speak volumes of the power of Appomattox.  George Peers is portrayed by veteran, living history interpreter and Appomattox Court House National Historical Park Historian, Patrick Schroeder.  The program will last approximately one hour.


Scholarship Contest -The Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable and the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy have partnered with the local chapter of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans to provide financial support to an essay contest for local high school seniors. Please click here for details. You are encouraged to promote this scholarship contest to any local high school seniors that may be interested in participating.


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