Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote discussion and study of the Civil War and to further stimulate interest in all aspects and phases of the Civil War period.

Meeting Dates

The organization meets the third Tuesday of each month (September through December of 2014) and then reverts to the fourth Tuesday of each month (January through May). Meetings are held in the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre located at 515 Scotland St in Williamsburg, VA, unless otherwise posted. The meetings begin at 7 PM. Membership is open to the  general public.

This Month's Speaker

September 23, 2014**

Carson Hudson and Amy Miller
"The Civil War In Seven Songs"

The September 16th meeting will feature Carson Hudson and Amy Miller presenting "The Civil War in Seven Songs".  Using themes such as patriotism, home, freedom, bravery, loss, and hope, this program, performed by Carson Hudson and Amy Miller, is a compact and moving study of the catastrophe that overtook America in the 1860s.

Carson Hudson is passionate about history. He is a practicing military and social historian, published author, Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, and circus fire-eater. He lectures regularly at museums and colleges on a wide variety of subjects, but his particular interests are the Civil War, military medicine, colonial witchcraft & piracy, and the history of American popular music. In his spare time he likes to sleep.

Amy Edmondson Miller, D.M. (FSU 1989) is Fife Supervisor for the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums in Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as a performer for evening programs. In 2011, she made presentations for the National Flute Association’s Annual Flute Convention, held in Charlotte, North Carolina and for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s First Annual Early Music Festival. She has published three online articles for Flute Focus Magazine on "Fifing and Drumming in the Eighteenth Century". Amy recorded a CD of Stephen Foster’s music with Carson Hudson entitled, “Hard Times: Stephen Foster Remembered.” She and Carson performed monthly programs during 2013 at the Hennage Auditorium entitled, “The Civil War in 7 Songs”.

**Note the change in date. The Roundtable will meet on the third Tuesday of the month from September through December of 2014

Williamsburg Battlefield Added To List Of Endangered Sites

The Williamsburg Battlefield (historic) made the Preservation Virginia "most endangered sites list".  Such a listing wouldn't have been possible without the support and encouragement from the round table. The idea of the list is to bring awareness and interpretation to the sites and not to shame or insult the developers or land owners. Please encourage those that use Facebook to "friend" our site which is also listed below.
Drew Gruber

Williamsburg Battlefield Association Book Sale:

Drew Gruber and his wife, Kate, of the Williamsburg Battlefield Association are conducting a Civil War book sale to raise revenue to assist in the purchase and preservation of local properties where fighting occurred during the Battle of Williamsburg on May 4 and 5, 1862. 
The Civil War books were originally part of a private collection that belonged to a Colonial Williamsburg member who recently passed away. The family is contributing the books to the Williamsburg Battlefield Association to provide an incentive for raising cash for the organization’s preservation efforts. Approximately 200 books are being offered for sale. The titles and prices can be reviewed by clicking here
The Williamsburg Battlefield Association has taken the lead in the effort to preserve the only area of the Williamsburg Battlefield that remains undeveloped. The current owners are anxious to place these properties on the market. The Association is collaborating with government agencies and preservation organizations to purchase these hallowed grounds. The revenue generation by the sale of this collection of Civil War books will be beneficial toward the goal of preserving these lands. The Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable endorses this book sale and encourages all members and friends to support this cause.
The contact source for the purchase of the Civil War books is:   gruberda@mymail.vcu.edu


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